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Are you a wanderer who loves adventure? How about trying those late night kayaking and late night swimming or those camping trips and boating? Maybe you’re already thinking of how you can kayak late at night… Don’t be scared of the darkness! It’s the modern age! Everything’s possible! outdoor-2

There’s no better source of light than LUCI Outdoor because it can definitely ease your worries.

Luci Outdoor is an inflatable solar powered led lamp that can last up to 10 hours or more. You can bring it anywhere since it’s also waterproof and very portable. It also has 3 lighting settings: bright, super bright and flashing. It will never leave you alone and scared! Going away for summer? Going to give camping a try? Let Luci Outdoor remove one of your greatest worries.

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All That Lights Up

Last Friday I went to the 20th Graphic Expo held at the SMX Convention Center. It was on its second day when I went there; having seen the pictures from the day before, I already knew what I would most likely see.

Little did I know that Captain America was riding on the same car that I did. I have seen a smaller copy of it at the office and that already made me happy but I haven’t seen it with lights on, so imagine my amusement when they turned the lights on in this big Captain America.

It was more than beautiful! Kudos to the artist who drew Captain America to perfection and of course the material used to amplify its beauty. It definitely stood out among the other artworks present. Like me, many people were amused and even stopped by to look at it.


You can truly see one’s beauty once it’s lit up. You can seldom see the beauty of a thing surrounded by darkness.

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There are days wherein you’ll want a do-over or another chance but it’s never going to happen, so I suggest that you just open your eyes, learn from it and move forward. Be your own light, be your own guide. Never stop pursuing your dreams or your goals.

As said in Disney’s movie, Meet the Robinsons “Keep moving forward”

Second chances are very limited in this life and let’s face it, those chances are very different from the first one so we have to make the most out of each chances.

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Lost in Translation

Getting lost in an unfamiliar place is scary and wonderful at the same time.

The world is a scary place but would you let it eat you up? Of course you shouldn’t.

Yes, it’s a tough world but you don’t have to give up.

There’s this particular line in Andreas Moe’s song, Collecting Sunlight that echoes in my mind every single day. “I’m collecting sunlight for a rainy day” it says a lot, doesn’t it?

Every day is a mystery, you wouldn’t know if it’s going to be bright or it’s going to rain, even the forecast isn’t that accurate.

You just have to be ready and expect the unexpected each day.

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Trying to keep the lights on…

How can I see you, if all I can see is darkness?

How can I be sure if the world’s distressed or just acting out?

I want to see you, the real you, if only someone would turn it on…

Turn the brightest light on, so that I can see the wings that protect you, wings that keeps your light hidden.

You’re an angel of the sun, aren’t you?

Powered by the sun that brings brightness to all, even the gloomy moon.

I wish to see you again, because you guided me through the darkest times of my life.

It seems like you’re all I need.

If I could, I would hide you, because I don’t want to share you with this tough, cruel world but you want to shine, you want to give light.

I’ll be seeing you from here as you’ve left a piece of feather, a feather from your wings, a feather that can light up the whole room.

I’ll keep remembering you every time I pass through somewhere that has light.

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Writing and Lighting

Writing is something that I love to do, as both pen and paper are huge parts of my daily life. During midnight is the best time to write, my mind clears up and let’s me think about different things at the same time and even outside, you can’t see me going anywhere without those two things. I also love to travel, I want to go to places that no one has ever set foot on or somewhere not too open to people. The problem is… how can I write when I’m somewhere rural? How can I write in the middle of night if there’s no electricity?

I found something to ease my worries. Luci Outdoor is an inflatable solar powered led lamp. It makes everything easier for people like me, people who do their thinking at night and loves to work on it. Now, leaving your house and traveling to different places won’t stop you. You can bring it anywhere and still get the amount of brightness that you need. It’s both efficient and effective because it lasts up to 10 hours and you only charge it during the day.

Sitting on the sand and writing until you’ve poured your heart out wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Luci Outdoor PH © 2015 All rights reserved